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Misha Collins with Wings by chriscastielredy Misha Collins with Wings by chriscastielredy
Cas and I

We were seated at the edge of a cliff watching the Sunset, admired with the orange, red and yellow colours of the clouds and the Sun cutting the horizon. I could feel Castiel's smile at my side with his looking lost in the unique and natural colours that presented themselves to us who had the privileged view of that cliff of height so immense that scare just knowing you was sit there.
Castiel raised and took my hand and said: "Come on, I'll show you one thing" – and drag me to the edge of the cliff and jumped holding my hand. "Hey you got crazy?" – i said when he took my hand and jumped. When I realized that we would fall i closed my eyes tightly and thought “Damn it we gonna fall”.
With closed eyes i could realize that we were not falling, was when I opened my eyes and saw that Cas continued to hold my hand and slightly floating. I could also see that there was two middle gray and white wings on his back. "Look back" – Cas said gesturing to me with a slight smile on his face. I looked and realized that I also had wings like those of him except fot the fact that they were outlined in red. Both our wings were enormous.
Cas continued to hold my hand.
"Let's enjoy" – Cas said when while doing a little upward moment gaining a little more altitude, and he smiled as who played at being bad. And in a instant were flying like birds, slight and without concern. Admiring each citrus colour of that sunset. We roll in the air, we smiled, the sun fading, the colours yellow, orange and red becoming blue, purple with bright stellar spots gradually little by little. And there we were over the Moon show her brilliance and make us realize it was time to wake up... waking up with my sun and realize that all it was a wonderful dream to be immortalized. My desire to fly with angelic wings at side of my more than favourite angel and beautiful angel.


This was a dream i had with Castiel and I.
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So Cute *-*-*-*-*-*
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October 25, 2012
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