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Hello there guys. So i want to tell you something im doing since november.
Im writing a book called From Castiel's Side, it's the story of Castiel from his point of view in Supernatural. At first im writing in portuguese my native language and gonna at least try to translate to english. I have a few chapters already translated but portuguese is a hard language to translate and i am a little rusty since i never actually used after studied. So far im close of the 60th chapter and i'll going till Supernatural really end. So every episode you see Castiel i'll write his point of view and gonna add some parts to fill empty spaces on history and if necessary creating chapters as i did about Emmanuel.
I really need motivation to not give up from writing, since im giving up from things lately as drawing. 
So i wanted to know if there's anyone interest to read and who have english as native language to who knows help me to translate, course i'll credit anything on end. 
I have done some photoshop covers to each season since Castiel's beginning on SPN and i won't post till i finish the whole book. 
Anyone interest in read and help me to translate scream for me. I'm everywhere on facebook, twitter and tumblr. Search for me and let's do this. 

Spread the word by twitter and tumblr rebloging:…


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★ Misha Minion ★ Padackles ★ Destiel ★ Crowliel ★ Supernatural Hunter ★ Whovian ★ I'm the one who gripped tou tight and raised you from Perdition ★ Angel of The Lord ★

Addicted on Supernatural, Doctor Who, Smallville. [it's what i talk about most of times]

Music translator (which usually end up not posting anywhere).

I love movie soundtracks, piano, cello and asian instruments.

I love Japanese food and candy. An admirer of Asian culture and religion.

Arduous collector of many things like cute stuffs. I have a huge stack of manga and books that have already taken much space here at home.

Favorite color is red with black!
I love meeting people from other countries, speak a little bit of Japanese. I study by my own Latin and Enochian and Gallifreyan also about supernatural and mythical creatures of all kinds.
Passionate about angels, dragons and vampires..

I like to draw and take pics of almost everything, love edit pics. My hobby is read and collect books and mangas (i have a lot of them). Love music more than anything in this world, i like japanese rock, Visual-Kei, J-Rock, J-Pop, K-Rock, K-Pop, some american rock too, instrumentals musics of movies and series and also piano, lyric songs, gothic and industrial gothic.
I am a bigger fan of terror movies and books.
Love Supernatural more than anything!!! I am a Misha Minion and a Padackles fan!!!
I like animes and mangas, cosplay, japanese culture and religion, love sushi and candys from Japan, love all from Japan!!!
I do a lot of things, play mini harp of citara, a little of guitar and trumpet and piano on computer.
Like games too, favorites are RPG, adventure and shoot, and some terror games too :]
Like card games kind Yugioh or Magic The Gathering.

I edit videos too. They can be found on my youtube channel:

I love birds and cats ★____★

follow me on twitter: chrisredy basecly i write stupid things and love meet people around the world and learn a little thing of everything.
Well, this is a little bit about me. Hope if you have patience with me like i have with a lot of things we will be a great friends :] =^_____^=

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